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Spirit Of Wildlife

When it comes to creative writing instruments, there are few brands that break free from the monotony and create coveted pens and Caran d’Ache is one such company. They have developed the limited edition collection – spirit of wildlife utilizing the art of solid silver sculpting through interpretations of the enchanted forest theme.

Forests have consistently inspired artists by their wild beauty and their spiritual symbolism. Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s most ancient forests and cultivates a love of wildlife in order to preserve its beauty and its delicate equilibrium. The Spirit of Wildlife writing instruments symbolically recreate the fabulous universe of the forest, in tribute to this infinitely pure aspect of nature.

The delicacy of the miniature silver sculptures and raised motifs finely engraved on the body of the spirit of wildlife writing instruments reproduce the artist’s admiration for the amazing world inhabiting the forest undergrowth. A majestic stag and a doe encircle the body of the pen, evoking the union of a couple and the rebirth of life.

The cap stages a scene featuring a stag with magnificent antlers, a pheasant and a wild boar, alongside a wood anemone. Depictions of oak leaves and acorns adorn all the scenes, all the way through to the figurative clip, endowing the entire creation with the powerful symbolism of protection and longevity.

The sculpted silver structure is superimposed on the matt black lacquered body of the writing instruments, thereby recreating the vitality and the mystery of the forest through this play on volumes. The tip of the cap is set with a natural peridot, an exquisite gemstone that appears only in the green tones of plant life. The peridot symbolizes harmony, love and wisdom. The Spirit of Wildlife limited edition is crafted in numbered editions of 101 fountain pens and 101 roller pens, in tribute to the longevity of the Maison Caran d’Ache.