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Breathe Healthier Air

In an increasing polluted world, you can breathe healthier air thanks to Wynd – a new personal air quality tracker and purifier introduced by Wynd Technologies Inc., a startup that helps people breathe healthier air. Living in environments free from pollutants and allergens is crucial to our overall health and well-being. Wynd’s smart and portable purifier is a groundbreaking advancement.

According to industry research, air pollution and airborne allergens will likely increase across the globe which will worsen allergy, asthma conditions and respiratory illnesses over the coming years. Wynd’s team of scientists, engineers, and designers, have developed a device that purifies the air in your personal space, by filtering out particles including allergens, bacteria, mold spores, and particulate matter from traffic and industrial pollution.

The complete Wynd system includes the Air Quality Tracker, the world’s smallest mobile air quality sensor that monitors for particulates and displays measurements in real time. It can actually detach from the purifier and be used independently, so that users can clip it to backpack straps, baby cribs, and key chains anywhere they want to monitor for particulate pollution.

Wynd’s air quality tracker and purifier can connect together to engage Auto mode, which automatically changes the purification level based on the current air quality. Wynd connects to iOS devices via Bluetooth, and the accompanying iOS app provides vibrant, detailed information about your air quality and how much air pollution you’ve filtered.

This product enables a healthy and comfortable air environment wherever life takes you and improves the air quality problem which many people around the world encounter on a daily basis, whether from allergens or industrial pollution

Wynd is portable and can be carried around in a handbag, briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack, which is ideal for travelers or anyone on the go. You can also use Wynd on a flat surface such as a desk or bed stand. It uses a medical-grade filter which captures unhealthy particles in the air and kills bacteria and microbes. It also features the world’s smallest particulate sensor on the market.

The Air Quality Tracker detaches from the Wynd Purifier and allows for full mobility. The tracker can clip on your belt, clothing, or bag to continuously monitor the air quality around you. You can use the tracker to monitor spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, hotel rooms, offices, car interiors, and more.

Wynd’s iOS app syncs with Wynd via Bluetooth to provide deeper insights into air quality data and trends, including your air quality over time, how much pollution you’ve filtered, the air quality outside, and the ability to keep tabs on your friends and loved ones’ air quality.