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Anonymous Keyboard

In an increasingly digital and networked world, privacy is vital both for individuals and businesses whether it means accessing databases, P2P networks, big data technologies, social networks, and digital information networks online. The solution is a malware-resistant and anonymous keyboard that closes the curtains to anyone trying to take advantage of your privacy. You wouldn’t leave the curtain open when getting undressed so why leave your computer and Web connection open to attacks.

SilentKeys helps users surf the Internet without the fear of being compromised or worrying about keyloggers (up to 40% of malware attacks) cloning their keyboards to steal money. SilentKeys provides a blanket to cover personal information so no one can look in.

SilentKeys protects against viruses and malware. 1 in 4 European Citizen had to deal with a cyber-incident in 2015 (Eurostat February 2016). Users have a constant pain; they buy a new computer and then install untrusted software, toolbars or open e-mail attachments. Before they know it the computer is infected with some sort of virus or malware: 1 in 14 programs downloaded are malicious. SilentKeys bypasses the hard drives when operating, so its internal memory is always protected, even on the most heavily-infected computers.

SilentKeys is sleek and portable, enclosed in a tamper-evident aluminum shell and is available in Cozy White or Travel Black. It works with PCs & Macs sold after 2007 and comes with a sealed micro SD card, a micro USB cable and a dice. Users only pay for the hardware and get unlimited updates for life.

It comes pre-loaded with Satya, a hardened plug and play Operating System inspired; it is cleverly powered by your computer’s own hardware yet never accesses its internal disks. Plug it in and with a simple button, using your existing computer, you may switch between your normal OS or into a highly secure desktop that creates a personal and isolated safe space for you to bank, shop, research, create, chat and share, in full privacy.

At times, all one needs is a quick draw of the curtains. For quick anonymity, SilentKeys also offers the Satya Anonymous Browser (SAB) inside the current session and avoid restarting the computer. SAB is based on the Tor Network Browser. It is strengthened with SilentKeys by being enclosed inside a locked software container (VM). Inspired by Satya’s compartmented design, SAB shields your OS from numerous Web threats, encrypts your traffic and protects your anonymity.

SilentKeys provides keylogging protection, a regenerative live OS shielded by a hardware write-protected flash storage, signed secure updates, physical user file isolation on AES encrypted micro SD cards as well as fail-safe and system-wide SSL network encryption via Tor and VPN connections.

No need for technical knowledge, changing habits or changing your current system; SilentKeys is always ready to load right when you need it. All with the push of a button, without tweaking or installing anything on your computer. You can preorder the product online for $145.