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Free Movement

For all fitness buffs, the quest for a wireless Bluetooth headphone that provides free movement during sports, regardless of the intensity of the activity – the Monster iSport SuperSlim are a worthy addition to your gym bag. These are easily one of the slimmest in-ear headphones currently available in the market. The Bluetooth connection works up to a distance of 15 meters. The level of insulation is excellent and allows isolation from the outside world and total focus on the workout regimen.

Offered in a lime green or black color, these headphones from Monster are wireless, although there is a cable connecting the two headphones, but no cord to connect the headphones themselves to your smartphone. The cord connecting the two headphones is placed behind the neck, and measures about 55 cm, allowing it to adapt to most body types.

On the right side of the cord, three buttons facilitate adjustment of volume and other controls such as pause, replay or navigation between tracks. On each headphone, there is a small rectangular module, which incorporates all electronic components for Bluetooth and a battery with a five-hour backup.

The ergonomics and design are seamless as is the comfort. The wireless aspect though is the defining feature that comes up most often in sports and fitness headphones. With a Bluetooth connection while you run or cycle, there’s no need to hold your phone in hand, just an incredible feeling of freedom.

One added feature is that being in-ear headphones, they come with three default sizes of OmniTip (S, M and L) to fit everyone. They also come with three different hooks that are placed under the caps and once in place, the headphones do not budge and fit snugly regardless of the movements. This negates the need to push the earphones deep into your ear canals or adjust them every 100 meters when running.

The sound quality and performance of the iSport Wireless Superslim is clear and the sound is rich. For a Bluetooth headphone targeting sports and fitness fans, quality is the main factor and this headphone delivers on all counts.