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Exquisite Watches

Eberhard & Co, is a niche brand producing exquisite watches that are regarded as a benchmark for high-end mechanical watches and chronographs, and remains among the few independent watchmaking firms. In the past three decades, Eberhard & Co has been synonymous with passion, innovation, luxury and attention to detail and design. These values have defined the Maison ever since it was founded.

The brand is committed to offering impeccably made timepieces and upholding its personality and independent spirit, without abandoning the deep bond with its origins and the watchmaking tradition that lies behind them. Eberhard & Co is pursuing the development of accurate, reliable timepieces to be made available to the general public, particularly to suit sports such as diving and motor racing.

Each timepiece represents different facets of skills and innovation of the brand’s master craftsmen and they are outstanding examples of high-end mechanical timepieces. Eberhard & Co. watches can be admired on the wrists of wealthy clients, Italian Royal Navy officers and sportsmen alike.

During the 1970s, at a time when a large number of watchmaking manufactures were closing down, Eberhard & Co found the strength to resist thanks to the visionary spirit of one man – Palmiro Monti. He was an Italian entrepreneur who bought Eberhard with the firm conviction that after the quartz era, fine watchmaking would make a comeback and be stronger than ever before.

Events proved him right and from the early 1980s onwards, mechanical watches were once again among the most popular luxury items. Under his leadership, the firm enjoyed a new lease of life. In 2001, faithful to its reputation as a chronograph specialist, it brought out one of the most innovative models ever – the patented Chrono 4, the first chronograph with aligned counters. Since then, there has been no looking back as the brand’s success story has grown by leaps and bounds with new and innovative models being launched each year. In an exclusive interview with Luxury Arabia, Mario Peserico, General Manager, of Eberhard & Co talks about the brand and its future plans.

What is your favorite watch from the novelties launched at Baselworld 2016 and why?

We are convinced that our main novelty of 2016, Scafograf 300, is a great product that can offer a lot of value for money to our affectionate and new consumers. They may find in Scafograf 300 a timepiece with high technical content and a refined style at a price that is honest and correctly positioned.

What are the current trends in the watch business in your opinion?

We believe this is a very good moment for niche brands like Eberhard, particularly in mature markets that at the moment are suffering from an uncertain economic scenario and more than ever look out for reassuring products that retain their value over time. In the last few years, we have been strategically positioning new products that, like in the case of Scafograf 300 derive from a model launched in the 1950’s, and can claim a real heritage, enriched by the elements that contemporary technology offers. Our brand has always been, and still is, more product-oriented than marketing-oriented and we feel this may well define Eberhard as an interpreter of the current trends.

What are your business projections for 2016 and beyond?

In spite of many difficulties, we feel confident that the watch business will continue to grow in the future. We all know that we are moving in a very complex international scenario, due to both economic and political setbacks that are due to affect the consumers’ confidence, at least in the short term. Nevertheless, our industry has been prospering for many decades, particularly since the second half of the last century, and has been able to survive many negative situations, dramatic events like wars and several economic crises. The positive factors are the new territories that show great interest in our products and the fact that the love of consumers for our mechanical achievements is as strong as ever. Eberhard projections are therefore very positive and, with almost 130 years of history behind us, we are committed to long-term thinking.

How important is the Middle East market for your brand? Please provide figures if possible or at least a percentage in terms of market share would be welcome?

We value the Middle East market as one of our most important markets and the market represents around 15% of our total turnover and this is likely to continue into the future.

What in your opinion is the significance of the smart watch industry and the Apple watch in particular and do you think it will have a long-term effect on the Swiss watch industry?

The importance connected watches have and will have in the future cannot be denied, but we do not feel we are in competition with that market segment, which anyways is handled by giant corporations mastering a technology that that is different from mechanical watches. As far as Eberhard is concerned, we are totally dedicated to our mechanical DNA and our developments have strong links with our history – there is no competition with smart watches – we are a totally different specialty.