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Ecridor Match Point

Carand’Ache celebrates the success of 18-year old tennis prodigy Belinda Bencic, with the new Ecridor Match Point. Despite her young age, the talented Belinda Bencic has broken into the ranks of the world’s top ten leading female tennis players. This meteoric rise has inspired Carand’Ache, her main sponsor, to dedicate an exclusive and exceptional luxury writing instrument to her: the Ecridor Match Point.

The latest addition to the Ecridor Sport line celebrates sporting excellence and the beauty of the sporting gesture combined with the art of precision engraving. A genuine ode to the world of tennis, the Ecridor Match Point presents the final match-winning point, a crucial moment stirring myriad emotions.

Fine laser engraving folds around the pen, revealing a pattern reminiscent of a tennis net. Its delicate interlacing leaves an opening only just big enough for the ball, with its symbolic crown of laurels, to reach the other side of the net. The end of the pen is decorated with an elegant tennis ball in relief, tampoprinted and covered with translucent resin, calling to mind the feeling of that winning point at every touch.

Since 2014, Carand’Ache has supported Belinda Bencic’s sporting career, accompanying her on the road to global success. The Geneva-based company and its young ambassador share the values of authenticity, Swiss made and a desire for excellence. “As a young Swiss girl, I grew up with the world of Carand’Ache,” says Belinda Bencic, “and I’m lucky to be able to count on a main sponsor that reflects my values and my attachment to Switzerland.”