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Pocket Size Suitcase

For the frequent traveller who travels with a wad of cash along with their credit cards or even for every day carry – the Code Wallet offers a large storage space to fit up to 12 cards, receipts and a few dozen currency notes. This is for all practical purposes a pocket size suitcase that features a locking system with a thousand different combination possibilities and offers RFID protection against card skimming.

The wallet is made from high quality aluminum which makes it light weight and resistant to wear and tear, protecting your cards from bending. Designed to be efficient and extremely practical in its handling, it can be opened with one hand revealing each card at a glance. Plus the integrated tracker prevents you from ever losing your wallet.

With the Code Wallet, Ogon Designs has released the first pocket size vault giving maximum security to your privacy and belongings with code encryption ensuring only you can access your wallet. A special tracking app prevents indicates the distance between you and your wallet so you are always within range and never lose or misplace the wallet.

The wallet has a decent storage capacity while still remaining relatively slim to ensure convenience. The wallets are inspired by the famous aluminum suitcase brand Rimowa, implementing the same idea, look and luxury feel into a rigid, light and sleek wallet.