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Paper To Digital

For those amongst us who have still not given up on the writing instrument and for others that use the stylus like an extension of their arms and abhor the pen – comes an instrument that truly bridges the divide. NeoLAB Convergence’s Neo smartpen N2 makes a seamless transition from paper to digital giving you the best of both worlds in one device.

N2’s promise is simple: just write as you would with any other pen, and N2 will automatically turn on, recognize what you are writing, on which page of which book, and digitalize that content. In fact it is so simple that we gave the pen to a 15-year old tech geek and he was thoroughly impressed with the results and we have published a screen shot of the summary of his test results. Case in point is that the pen is simple to use – practically plug and play if you don’t count the 60-minute initial charge required.

The pen works with the Neo Notes app available on both iOS and Android phones and tablets enabling users to organize, share, and upload their content to third party applications like Evernote, Dropbox and Illustrator to further enhance creative ideas.

It is lightweight, sleek and ergonomically designed and looks cool and feels comfortable in hand. It works in tandem with NeoLAB Convergence’s patented notepaper and the Neo Notes app. N2 was designed to be an ideal alternative to existing products in the smart pen category that are either bulky or require separate receivers.

With Neo smartpen N2, whatever you write on paper appears identically in Neo Notes for you to organize, copy, and share with digital convenience. N2 automatically turns on when you start writing and saves your writing data even when unconnected to your device.

All you have to do is write. N2 allows the user to digitalize, share, save, organize and search handwritten notes or even convert into digital text in 15 languages including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, and Turkish but no Arabic yet.

With a simple tap on a page in the notebook, the user can email notes to friends and colleagues. The pen also features pressure recognition automatically turning the pen on and off, eliminating the need to press a button. In addition, the pen has a record and playback audio feature in the Neo Notes App. You can also transcribe your handwritten notes to digital text – powered by MyScript – a market leader in accurate, high-performance handwriting recognition.

This is a smartpen that has enhanced the way people write, draw, and thus, perform, which is why it has built a loyal fan base around the world bridging the gap between analog and digital world. Priced at $169, this is one of the value for money smart pens on the market.