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Eyes on Gigi

Luxury carmaker BMW presented an interactive campaign for the new BMW M2 Coupé to coincide with the market launch of the car. The campaign featured a one-shot film titled Eyes on Gigi directed by Marc Forster with spectacular vehicle choreography starring American supermodel Gigi Hadid.

The dynamic performance and agility of the first-ever BMW M2 Coupé and the sensuous beauty and elegance of Gigi Hadid inspired renowned film producer and screenplay author Marc Forster, who directed films such as “James Bond – Quantum of Solace”, “Monster’s Ball” and “World War Z”, to create a highly unusual spot.

The short film Eyes on Gigi which has been released exclusively on YouTube and Facebook invites viewers to play a shell game: the film starts with supermodel Gigi Hadid climbing into one of three parked BMW M2 Coupés; from then on, the viewer tries to keep track of Gigi and her BMW M2 Coupé. The film has been a huge success already and is trending on YouTube with over six million views in just over a week.

Within a short space of time, two more BMW M2 Coupés join in and a fast-paced vehicle choreography begins – making the task virtually impossible. At the end of the drive, all five M2 Coupés come to a halt and the viewer has to identify which car Gigi Hadid is in.

The spectacular one-shot stunt – captured in a single uncut tracking shot – was filmed at an airfield in California’s Mojave Desert under the direction of Oscar-winning cameraman Mauro Fiore (“Avatar”, “The Equalizer”). Eyes on Gigi is the first time the top model from Los Angeles has officially worked with an automobile brand.