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Dismal Digital

Festina’s attempt to outdo Casio in what they do best seems to have come a cropper! Their take on the fun, fashion watch with their Calypso line is distinctly undistinguished. Styled as the ultimate fun fashion watch, it is a collection of watches in vibrant, fun colors and color combinations, designed in a contemporary style that is inspired by urban art. The thing is Casio carries this off infinitely better and Festina’s attempt is a dismal digital watch.

Calypso’s latest collection for men features original designs in large, 53mm cases. Styles include both camouflage patterns and carbon fiber looks, with colorful accents and digital movements. They are water resistant to 100 meters.

For ladies, the new models for 2016 lack innovation with diverse colors, including purple, turquoise, metallic blue and rose, some with transparent outer dials, and accents that include crystals. The name Calypso is prominently displayed on the dial.