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CRX Chronograph

When the Honda CRX Coupe hit the streets in 1983, it became an instant hit because of features like its small size, its lightweight body and fast speed

compared to its weight. These three attributes helped the Honda CRX to win over the hearts of mainly young car enthusiasts. The Japanese sportster lived on in numerous variants until 1998. For its still equally large and loyal community of fans, 69 PIT STOP now offers the exclusive matte black CRX chronograph.

The high-quality timepiece is manufactured in Germany and immediately stands out due to its distinctive design. The sporty 43-millimeter large stainless-steel case is blackened electronically and provides the perfect frame for the dark watch face that sports a “CRX since 1983” emblem modeled after the Japanese national flag.

The wristwatch with sapphire crystal keeps time with quartz precision and in addition features outright chronograph functions such as a stop-seconds feature, 60-minute split time display, 24-hour display and date function. The matte black chronograph sells for $170 and is available exclusively online.