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Classic Watchmaking

In keeping with the most classic watchmaking traditions, all the watches emerging from the Voutilainen workshops are designed, built, produced, finished and assembled in-house.

This Manufacture is equipped with a ‘natural’ escapement built by Kari Voutilainen. It features a balance-spring with a Breguet overcoil and a Grossmann inner curve. The wheels and pinions are perfectly polished; the bridges and mainplate are in German silver and hand-finished to superlative levels.

All the steel parts are polished and hand-chamfered. This refined approach is also reflected on the dial of the Vingt-8. A solid silver base is guilloche-worked with a trompe l’oeil motif. Two zones appear to be magnified by an optical illusion created by a subtle variation in the guilloche pattern. The central part is coated with Grand Feu enamel.

Mechanical hand-wound, 21 jewels, 18,000 vib/h, proprietary direct-impulse escapement with two escapement wheels, large balance-wheel with double-coil balance-spring, German silver mainplate and bridges, gold wheels, 65-hour power reserve. The watch has a diameter of 39 mm and is available in pink or white gold and is water-resistant to 30 meters.

A veteran in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Kari Voutilainen was born in Finland and is regarded as a master watchmaker in the annals of the Swiss wacthmakers. His natural gift for perfection, coupled with his broad experience and deep understanding of very high quality, luxury, antique, complicated watches, are the quintessential ingredients for innovative creation in the art of watchmaking.

As with all entirely handmade watches, their number will remain limited; each one is crafted according to specific requirements and has its own individual and personal qualities. It goes without saying that these technical marvels are clothed and protected only by the most precious of metals. It is for these reasons that pieces signed by Kari Voutilainen will make their mark in the history of watchmaking, to the great delight of those collectors fortunate enough to own one.