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Magnetic Protection

Engineer II Magneto S from Ball Watch overcomes one of the most formidable hurdles that face mechanical watchmaking – magnetic fields – and sparks a technology revolution in the process. With the new mumetal alloy covering the movement, Ball Watch gives their watches magnetic protection up to 80,000 A/m, which is ten times over the recommended amount.

Its secret is a shield that closes over the movement. It is made from mumetal, an innovative alloy in watchmaking whose high magnetic permeability attracts or redirects lines from static or low-frequency magnetic fields.

The protective mumetal is fashioned as an ultra-fine diaphragm, which is controlled by the rotating bezel allowing the movement open to sight. Unlike conventional anti-magnetic systems which enclose the movement in a cage, Ball Watch protects its mechanism with an ultra-fine diaphragm in mumetal, just 6/100th mm thick that is operated by the rotating bezel. You have a choice to leave it open to admire the movement of the Engineer II Magneto S through the sapphire back, or close it to “lock” the mumetal shield and protect against magnetic fields.