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Innovative Engineering

G-RO a sleek, ergonomic luggage solution designed especially for the business traveler’s needs, whether they’re traveling around the block or around the world. The product is based on innovative engineering and design concepts, including large, axle-less wheels. The company has effectively overcome the challenges posed by the principal issue of durability, interior and exterior volume, and weight, delivering a luxury luggage system for people on-the-go.

-RO’s large diameter wheels enable its user to easily wheel the luggage over rugged surfaces and terrain, such as gravel, street curbs, cobblestone, snow and icy sidewalks. The wheels are made of super strong aerospace and firearm-grade polymers. The luggage’s wheels reinforce the walls of the bag to greatly reduce damage during use or mishandling without adding weight.

The luggage offers ideal mass distribution making pulling easy and hassle-free. By placing the rotation axis of the wheel closer to the center of gravity of the bag, G-RO feels significantly lighter than a bag of similar weight with small wheels. Its dual compartment system maximizes the luggage space, keeping clothes wrinkle-free and enabling easy access to packed items.

The luggage also has a longer and stronger handle for easy control and for carrying additional bags. G-RO contains an optional electronic module with a 23,000 mAh battery, which is strong enough to charge a smartphone up to 10 times, a proximity detector and a location tracker. The bag also features two USB ports and a universal power outlet, for charging up to three devices at once while on the move.