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Is it a pendant or bottle opener? At first look you won’t be able to tell the difference unless of course you are artistically inclined. In that case even a bottle opener can take the shape of an object of art and the Bulla design from Alessi converts a functional object into an artistic piece. The handiwork of promising young designer Valerio Sommela, the design is smooth, compact and doubles as a steel bottle opener.

The opener is shaped like shell and adapts to a normal shape for everyday use. Made from precision cast steel, the Bulla bottle opener has a hole with a black leather cord, which transforms it into a pendant so you can use it on the go.

Alessi is an Italian brand and their name is synonymous with handcrafted objects produced with the help of machines. Today they are recognized as a luxury icon that has advanced cultural, aesthetic, design and functional quality, blending art and industry. Every object they produce is an original, conceived with the same design excellence and attention to detail that sets the company’s products apart.