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Mecca Timepiece

Exclusive Swiss watchmaker Christophe Claret has created a watch called the Mecca and it is bound to win over Middle East connoisseurs of luxury watches. The watch features a micro-engraving of the Kaaba which is highlighted by the mirascope in the center of the dial of Mecca. The Mecca timepiece features a wealth of emblematic elements and references to the Islamic faith.

The Arabic hour numerals were replaced at 5 o’clock by a white ceramic stone and at 7 o’clock by a black spinel. The latter symbolizes the black stone located at the South-East angle of the Kaaba through which Muslims start the seven rounds of the Tawaf in a counter clockwise direction. The white ceramic
represents this same stone, as described in the Koran before it became black due to repeated touching by pilgrims.

The aesthetic and symbolic spectacle is continued on to the back of the Mecca timepiece. The ball-bearing cover is adorned with a transfer depicting the Kaaba, with the movement’s self-winding oscillating weight rotating around it. Crafted in sapphire so as to reveal the meticulous movement finishing, the oscillating weight bears a transferred world map featuring white dots symbolizing Muslims turning around the Kaaba.

The watch has a titanium case with a diameter of around 42mm and features a double barrel movement with 72-hour power reserve. The watch is limited to 63 pieces, the age of prophet Mohammed when he passed away.