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Inventive Mug

An inventive mug with the heart as its icon of reference makes the experience of drinking premium tea effortless and accessible, for those who enjoy their gourmet teas. The mug is suitable for regular tea as well as herbal teas, and goes well with the tea infuser, also inspired by the same heart-shaped form.

While the form of the tea infuser is conical and elongated, its opening is heart shaped, and facilitates easy filling and emptying of the contents while making it suitable to be used with any mug.

The tea infuser is ideal for office as it is convenient to use during busy morning routines, or on-the-go without sacrificing on flavor as it gives tea leaves plenty of room to develop their full aroma and flavor by allowing unhindered infusion of whole leaf tea. This full and gradual infusion of tea leaves is what makes the experience of drinking each mug a luxury without settling for second best. Get this combo from Alessi and pour yourself a steaming mug of tea straight from the heart.