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Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep refers to the deepest known spot beneath the oceans i.e. 10,916 meters until 1960 which was explored by Swiss explorer Jacques Piccard and US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh for the very first time aboard the Trieste bathyscaphe. Emile Chouriet

pays tribute to this spectacular feat, by naming their first sports watch Challenger Deep.

This timepiece combines functionality and aesthetics and is capable of plunging to a depth of merely 300 meters so it is only a tribute in name but not in feat. Its SuperLuminova-enhanced hands and hour-markers emit a green light in a dark environment, while its rotating bezel comes in steel or black or blue ceramic. In keeping with the Emile Chouriet design codes, the Challenger Deep watch features double wing-shaped hands accentuating its character designed for daily use. The watch features an automatic mechanical movement and has a diameter of 42 mm.