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Art & Elegant Design

For those that love art & elegant design in their homes or offices will fall in love with Platonics who have launched a unique collection blending all of these elements into works of art cast in solid brass and bronze.

Five regular polyhedrons are being introduced that owe their name to the great Greek philosopher Plato. Polyhedrons are solids in three dimensions with flat polygonal faces, straight edges and sharp corners or vertices.

The project involved several months studying the best way to reproduce Platonic solids before utilizing a centuries old technique of smelting. These products remind us of the value of craftsmanship in a high-tech world where everything is cloned and mass-manufactured

No mechanical processes were used and hence each piece is unique in itself as it is handmade. All polyhedrons are of one solid piece of high-quality brass and bronze cast at over 600 degrees with no welding or joined parts.