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World’s Smallest Scanner

ASwiss company Dacuda has come up with the world’s smallest wireless scanner called the PocketScan. It scans practically anything and provides instant feedback and is portable. The easy to use scanner requires you to move it across any document, drawing, text, texture or image and the scan is instantly displayed on the screen.

PocketScan is as small as a business card, only 1″ wide and weighs just 85 grams making it the ideal gadget on-the-go for your phone, tablet, PC or Mac. The scanner produces a high quality output every time due to the clever built-in illumination, it works under any lighting condition to create a consistently clear scan with bright colors.

It works with applications like Evernote or the Microsoft Office suite. Tables are transformed into spreadsheets and accurate OCR allows instant text editing in Word. PocketScan instantly recognizes text in over 60 different languages and since text recognition runs locally on the device, it works great even with poor Internet connectivity.