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Tourbillon Cufflinks

Tired of wearing the same old cufflinks made from resin, silver or gold? Check out these with a tourbillon from Swiss brand TF Est. 1968. Their cufflinks are popular among watch collectors and they come in a host of colors and materials including chocolate brown, red, silver tones and amethyst.

Encased in a steel case set against an array of carbon details, an actual tourbillon mechanism springs into action with every movement of the wearer’s wrist displayed through the transparent front. The absence of a conventional stem accentuates the functional aspect by preventing it from twisting. A precision spring clasp system holds it neatly in place, anchoring it to the cuff. Accessories that denote a different attitude towards luxury, these accessories make a creative statement backed by quality Swiss craftsmanship.

TF Est. 1968 specializes in cufflinks and rollerball pens inspired by the world of watchmaking, fine leather goods exploring a playful theme and two watch collections. As is evident from their products, the brand deviates from the norm in true nonconformist style.