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Thinnest Solar Charger

An innovative solar power company Yolk has made a pioneering new product called Solar Paper which is the world’s thinnest and lightest portable solar charger capable of charging an iPhone 6+ in just 2.5 hours. The charger literally plugs into the sun for its own source of energy, the world’s largest, tax-free energy source.

It seems like an immediate solution to smart-phone and tablet battery problems, using solar technology. The charger will be an efficient device not only for those that work outdoors or campers and backpackers but a whole lot professionals who spend time in the field away from their offices.

Solar Paper can generate more energy than any other solar chargers that come in the same size. Moreover the product is environmentally friendly. Each solar panel with 9cm width and 17cm length generates 2.5W. As the very name suggests, solar panels of the Solar Paper are extremely thin – just 1.5mm and super light weighing. The device has an LCD screen and the solar panel connections are magnetic.