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Purity Of Design

The purity of design that we see in concept cars is sadly missing in the production models that hit the roads. If ever there was one Mercedes-Benz concept car that we would love to see on the roads – it would have to be the “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile).

It is essentially two cars rolled into one – an aerodynamics world champion with a Cd value of 0.19 (Cd value refers to the drag coefficient which is a common measure in automotive design as it pertains to aerodynamics) and a four-door coupé symbolizing purity of design.

Based on the design line of the S-Class and S-Class Coupé, Concept IAA offers new touch-based functions and provides an idea of what the interior of a business saloon might look like in the near future. At the touch of a button, or automatically on reaching a speed of 80 km/h, the car performs a fascinating transformation in which the captivatingly beautiful four-door coupé turns into an aerodynamics world champion. Eight segments extend at the rear, increasing its length by up to 390 millimeters; front flaps in the front bumper extend by 25 mm to the front and 20 mm to the rear, improving the air flow around the front end and the front wheel arches; the Active Rims alter their cupping from 55 mm to zero; and the louvre in the front bumper moves 60 mm to the rear, improving the underbody air flow.

Concept IAA Coupé Saloon is a synergistic interpretation of design and aerodynamics and even the interior of the car combines stylish sportiness with modern luxury. The concept car is powered by a petrol/electric plug-in hybrid drive with a total output of 205 kW (279 hp). This provides it with a top speed of 250 km/h (electronically limited). This is a fascinating and technically sophisticated from the Mercedes-Benz factory.