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Paris has pushed London off the top spot to win back the number one place as the highest rated city in 2015, out of a total of 50 cities. Sydney, which had been in the top three since 2011, falls back to fourth place, overtaken by New York as well as Paris. The results are based on the findings of the latest Anholt-GfK City Brands IndexSM (CBISM) – a bi-annual study.

Paris, London and New York are voted top three cities worldwide for overall positive image while Berlin and Amsterdam make top 10 for first time and Vienna is pushed out of the top 10

he study evaluates the power and appeal of each city’s brand image, giving a holistic and detailed perspective based on six key dimensions including Presence – the city’s international status and standing; Place – its physical outdoors aspect and transport; Pre-requisites – basic requirements, such as affordable accommodation and the standard of public amenities; People – friendliness, cultural diversity, how safe one feels; Pulse – interesting things to do; and Potential – the economic and educational opportunities available.

Looking at the six dimensions that make up the overall index, London, Paris and New York are seen as the top three cities for having strong international Presence. When it comes to Place, Paris leads the ranking, followed by Sydney and Rome. For Prerequisites, Sydney is ranked top, with Berlin second and Amsterdam third. Sydney is also ranked first for People, with Toronto and Amsterdam making up the top three – while Paris, New York and London are ranked highest for their Pulse. Finally, for Potential, we see New York in the lead, with London second and Sydney third.

The Anholt-GfK CBISM Index measures the image of 50 cities with respect to Presence, Place, Pre-requisite, People, Pulse and Potential. The 2015 study was based on a sample size of 5166 interviews. Adults aged 18 or over were interviewed online in various countries.