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Flexible Electronics

Polyera, a leading flexible electronics company from the USA, has introduced the next-generation in flexible electronics to the world by displaying hardware and software specifications of the Wove Band and a program for artists, developers and designers to begin working with prototypes.

The Wove Band is a wearable device with a flexible display roughly five times the surface of a smartwatch. Wove’s Android-based OS runs compositions, which are like apps, but made for wearing.

Wove offers three ways to make compositions: a Java SDK for those familiar with Android development, a Web SDK for those familiar with HTML5/CSS3/JS, and a graphics tool for those familiar with image editing and graphic creation. With Wove’s creation tools, a wide range of people can make compositions that combine aesthetics and utility in entirely new ways.

Leading app and service partners from a range of categories are currently building compositions for Wove. In addition, a limited number of Wove 0.1 prototypes have been given to a select group of artists, developers and designers.