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Educational Device

If your kids are spending too much time on the PS4, Xbox or other gaming devices and you want them to move to an educational device that can prepare them for some real world computing skills – Udoo Neo is a credit-card size (59.3mm x 85mm – 3.35″ x 2.33″), low-cost, low-power consumption, open-source hardware board, able to run Android or Linux and Arduino-compatible.

It is targeted not just at students but also educators, hobbyists, engineers and programmers alike. It provides a rich development environment in a small, plug and play format. Once you take the board out of the box and plug it in, the pre-packaged Android Jelly Bean or Ubuntu starts right up. No configuration required.

Udoo Neo merges the world of Arduino and Raspberry Pi with wireless connectivity and 9-axis motion sensors, providing a complete and easy solution to free your imagination, make your objects alive and create new smart devices and appliances from scratch. It can be used as an embedded computer to build new devices, smart objects and appliances. Udoo Neo is a new-generation single board computer, ready for Internet of Things applications thanks to its wireless connectivity and embedded sensors

For a student, Udoo Neo is ideal because it is a low-cost complete solution and it doesn’t matter if you are used to Linux, Android or Arduino™. You can even be a complete beginner and the device allows you to start with any language, in any development environment.