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Digitsole Smartshoe

As the world is growing more and more high-tech, interconnected and smart, shoes are not left far behind in this race. Enter Digitsole Smartshoe 1, the world’s first connected, interactive, heated and shock absorbent shoe with automatic tightening that can be controlled via your smartphone.

This innovative new footwear product is designed for a healthy lifestyle, total comfort and looks futuristic. What’s more, it even has the self-lacing mechanism that was first seen in the Hollywood film Back To the Future. While there are no laces the shoes tighten automatically around your ankle, so they fit exactly the way you want.

The Smartshoe 01s is capable of warming your feet and can be controlled with a smart phone app. Once in sync, the wearer can track his movements, calories burnt. The shoe is black-and-white and ankle length in height but other versions including a pair of pumps for ladies will also be available