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$27k Solid Gold Pen

One of the most understated and exclusive limited edition pen has been produced by luxury brand Porsche Design for pen aficionados. The fountain pen P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition is a distinctive writing instrument limited to eleven pieces worldwide and retains at just over $27,000.

The pen is milled out of a single piece of solid pure 14-/585 carat gold. The progressive pure silhouette underlines the fountain pen’s unique shape. It is rounded off by the integral 18-/750 carat gold nib which has been especially designed for the Solid fountain pen and highlights its aesthetic and elegance. The icon of the Porsche Design brand is discretely engraved on the surface of the nib and a limited edition number is engraved on the barrel.

The characteristic feature of the P’3135 fountain pen is the mechanism innovatively concealed in the shaft that is exclusively finished with 14-/585 carat gold coating. When gentle pressure is applied to the end of the Solid Gold and the end piece is unscrewed the mechanism can be removed and the converter can be filled with ink. Inside the box a small and gold-plated limitation tag shows the limitation number of each fountain pen.