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Perfect Match

If you are the creative types and real colors matter to you the SwatchMate Cube offers the ideal solution. An

exceptional vision of the world in all its colorful hues, providing a perfect match to the colors you see and manage them.

At the core of the device is a globular light source, which scans the surface color in an organized structure and directs the mirrored light to an integrated color sensor. A flash of a green light lets you know the process is done. Then the Cube stores the color in its onboard memory and sends it to a Bluetooth-paired iOS or Android device.

A range of professionals from architects and fashion designers to graphic designers and web designers can benefit from this product by using Cube Link and linking the cube to Photoshop. The device also supports all the standard color spaces for raw color values, such as RGB and CMYK.

The device can pick up the surface color of everything from green grass to graffiti painted walls in a controlled sequence and then sends the reflected light to a color sensor inside of the Cube. When the color-capturing process is complete, a little, green light flashes to let you know it’s finished.

The device can store up to 20 colors on the Cube, and you can also send captured hues to your device via Bluetooth. Star your favorite colors, gauge the intensity of ambient light, and match paint to the hues in your database. The Cube comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, and it weighs about 46 grams so it is easy to carry. The device also links to Adobe Photoshop and when activated enables access a wide range of digital profiles, including Pantone and TruMatch.