Levitating light bulb

If you are fascinated by levitating objects, then the gravity-defying lightbulbs by the label Flyte are a testament to lofty design. This luminous spectacle combines the wonders of magnetic levitation with wireless power.

Flyte2Merging technologies – magnetic levitation and resonant inductive coupling (wireless power transfer) – levitation is achieved between the base and the bulb through electromagnets and a microprocessor stabilizing the magnetic  field.

According to its developer, Simon Morris a 38-year old New Yorker based in Sweden, the suspension of the lightbulb has a direct relation to the concept of freedom from the constraints of gravity and wires. Their motto is “set the light bulb free”. Flyte used energy efficient LEDs rated to last for 22 years at six hours per day and sustainable sourced woods. The bulbs are for indoor use only and retail at $349.